It's been a long time since I've shared anything on here (partly because I've been neglecting social media) but also because a lot of what I've been working on has been top secret... and ongoing. 2017 was definitely the busiest year yet. It was filled with tons of fun projects + new clients, which challenged me in ways I'd never been before. My illustrations fell into just about every format I could have imagined from beer packaging, to greeting cards, children's books, store signage, + animation. There were times I felt like I bit way more off than I could chew and felt the pressure from many different angles. But all were amazing opportunities + great learning experiences that I'm very grateful for.

Thanks to everyone who took a chance on working with me this year. I wish you all the best in 2018.


Beer Packaging for Upper Pass Beer Company, VT

Since starting up their one-barrel brewery in 2015, UPPER PASS has quickly grown to be one of the most popular breweries in Vermont. First Drop + Cloud Drop are two of the most sought after beers in the state. They've since upped their production to a larger brewing system and expanded distribution statewide. Their beer has even appeared in limited-release in NYC + throughout New England.

I'm super lucky to have been with them since their formation to watch this awesome progression. They've given me the opportunity to collaborate on 4 can designs in the beer line-up. Bringing their brand to life has been one of the most fun + rewarding experiences yet. I look forward to seeing where they go next!

Album Cover + Internal Packaging for The Great Smoky Mountain Association

This is my second album cover for The Great Smoky Mountain Association. Big Bend Killing is a follow-up to GSMA's On Top of Old Smoky. I'm a big bluegrass + folk music fan so working with them has been a huge pleasure. And even more exciting, Big Bend Killing is up for a Grammy in January 2018 for Best Liner Notes! The liner notes are pretty excellent :)

Holiday Branding, Packaging + Store Signage for MATALAN, UK

MATALAN is fashion + homeware retailer based in the UK. Since the start of  2017, I've worked with their design team on holiday art for Christmas, Easter, Mother's + Father's Day,  + Halloween 2017, as well as rebranding their Kid's program. The designs were used as in-store signage, product packaging, + web marketing. Check them out on their online or in stores if you're in the UK!

Holiday Branding, Packaging + Store Signage for MATALAN, UK

Animatics + Character Design for Ox Creative + Barn Group

Animatics + Character Design for Ox Creative + Barn Group

This was my first stab at creating animatics, character designs, and background art for an animation short. My illustrations were brought to life by the talented folks at Ox Creative for Barna Group. The video (seen here) was to be used for the opening greeting at the 2017 Illinois Pastor's Conference. The concept shows the transition of leadership within the church from one generation to the next. Through color, it communicates how Millennials in leadership roles can influence the church by making it more fun + inviting to younger generations. Conceptually, this was definitely a challenge. I'm really happy to have this opportunity and hope to work more in this realm in the future! 

Top: Illustrated USA for Wild Apple, VT
Middle Left: Spruce Peak at Stowe + HMC Advertising, VT
Middle Right: Twin Farms Resort, VT
Bottom: Illustrated Map of Virginia, Hallmark, MO

It's awesome getting to know the lay of the land whether it's on a local, state, or national level. I love to travel and see new places, so researching all of the best, most iconic spots across the country and abroad is a win win for me.

So far, I've illustrated the USA in various forms as wall art for my friends at Wild Apple. From there, I've gone on to illustrate Vermont, Wisconsin, and, most recently,  Virginia for Hallmark. I'd love to finish all 50... someday.

Spruce Peak at Stowe working alongside HMC Advertising brought me on to help with illustrating a map of their property. The Spruce Peak at Stowe property map shows an aerial perspective + imprint of the buildings. The map serves to help guests find their way to shops, restaurants, skiing, + tons of other fun offerings at the Resort.

Twin Farms is an all-inclusive resort + spa in Barnard, Vermont. I was invited to tour the gated property (which includes a helicopter landing pad for important people!) to experience the resort first hand. The illustration does not do justice for the beauty of the rustic architecture. The property map serves as a fun tool for guests to be able to navigate the landscape and get a wide angle perspective of all the fun + relaxing offerings at the resort... such a cool place :)

Various editorial projects

Various editorial projects

I had some great editorial subjects to work with this year:

Top: Small Happiness for Il Corriere Della Sera, Italy. This illustrates the practice of taking joy in all things big and small.

Middle Left: UFO's (Unrecognizable Fiendish Onslaughts) for New Era Magazine, UT. This illustrates negative habits and behaviors to watch out for and correct if necessary.

Middle Right: Comfort Food for Experience Life Magazine, MN. This illustrates healthy foods to eat to help suppress symptoms of anxiety + depression.

Bottom Left: Wacky State Laws for US Reader's Digest, NY. This series of six illustrates actual, real life state laws that exist currently.

Bottom Right: My Lifeline for New Era Magazine, UT. This illustrates a woman's struggle to find happiness through the church.

Draw, Sticker, Play USA Activity Book  for Quarto Press + Ivy Kids, UK

Draw, Sticker, Play USA Activity Book for Quarto Press + Ivy Kids, UK

50+ spreads, cover art, + an illustrated map with tons of fun kid's activities to be released by Quarto Press + Ivy Kids in 2018. I've been slowly chipping away at this project all year so I can't wait to see it in circulation. This should be a ton of fun for patriotic kids ages 6-12!